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This is the tough part because each dog is unique. Our service includes everything your dog needs. Prices range from $ 40 - $ 140 DEPENDING ON 'size of dog, temperament, coat of conditions (amount of undercoat and matting on double coated dogs).

• Full Bath and Blow Out- Organic shampoo and conditioner tailored to the specific needs of your dogs coat. Each coat is different for each breed. At STICKS & BONES we know exactly what your dog needs for a shiny healthy finish.

• Foot Health- Nails ground or clipped, hair trimmed between toes and mats removed, mats removed between pads and pads cleaned out from excess hair.

Clipper work - Breed specific or owner specified. You choose how you want your dog to look. Mats will always dictate the direction of the groom but if your dog is mat free it's up to you.

• Ear's Health - STICKS & BONES clients have very healthy happy ears. Dead (only) ear hair removed as needed to prevent mats from forming. Mats removed if necessary. Special STICKS & BONES clipper work to improve air flow. Cleaned inside with wipes and foam cleaner if needed. STICKS & BONES does not insert liquid cleaner in the ears as each dogs chemistry is different.

• Eye Health - Gentle shampoo used on eye area, cleaned thoroughly of all debris, excess hair removed.

• Sanitary area - STICKS & BONES clients have all sanitary area clipped gently. Mats are removed from private areas. Anus area is NOT clipped over to alleviate irritation. Clipping around (not over) the anus provides your dog and you with a clean "hair free" bowel movement.

• Double coated dogs have undercoat, it is essentially their thermostat. Husky, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain dogs etc. all have undercoat that cools them in summer and heats them in winter. Double coats are not clipped or shaved at STICKS & BONES . Shaving a double coated dog causes "coat funk". Coat funk is hair that grows back fine, wispy, and generally not healthy. Shaving a double coated dog can also cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs. If your vet recommends shaving for skin health issues or any health issue we will comply. We will clip out mats that are too painful to remove during the de-shed grooming process.

A double coated groom consists of shampoo and removing dead undercoat from your dog. You will see a noticeable difference in the coat from our STICKS & BONES technique.


• Please note that the following are estimate prices only. We need to see your dog and determine the condition of the coat, temperament of your dog and amount of mats (if any) before giving you an exact price. Our prices are competitive with any PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED, CERTIFIED GROOMER.  Please remember this trade is not regulated, do your due diligence and ask to see credentials from your groomer before allowing them to groom your pet. Serious injuries can be inflicted from the improper use of grooming equipment and Lack of knowledge of proper handling of your pet During the grooming process.


Browse our services below


SMALL - (Daschund) $45-$55

Medium - $60-$75

Large - (Doberman) - $80 and up


Small - (toy poodle) -$50-$60

Medium - (Shih-Tzu) - $60-$65

Large - (Doodle) - $70-$100


Small (Pomeranian) - $60-$65

Medium (Mini Eskimo) - $65-$70

Large (German Shepherd) -$80-$120 and up.


Small - $25

Medium - $40

Large - $60-$85


Nails: $15

Face & Feet combo - $25

What our customers are saying

"Excellent environment, top notch service and awesome results."

Sally Anderson