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A mat is formed when your dog’s fur gets twisted and wraps together like a piece of twine or rope and forms a “ball” within the coat. A mat is extremely painful for your dog. As the mat forms it twists the skin and can pull dirt and debris and even sticks and stones underneath it, trapping this debris between your dog’s skin and the clumped fur. This can cause serious sores and sometimes infection on the skin. Some dog’s coats are more prone to matting due to fur density and condition. Puppies are very prone to matting due to activity level and their coat transitioning to adulthood. At any rate, a matt is a serious health hazard to your dog. Brushing between professional grooms is essential to a healthy mat free coat but brushing alone will not work. It is imperative that a comb be used after brushing to connect gently with your dogs skin. If your comb gets stuck, you are the unlucky owner of a mat.

So now what? Do "NOT" get out your scissors and attempt to cut it out. You run the risk of cutting your dog Note the location of the mat and if you are not scheduled for a groom, book one as soon as possible. If you can not get your dog in to Sticks & Bones within that day or the next, pop in and we will shave out the mats at no charge to provide your dog with comfort and health until your scheduled groom.

At Sticks & Bones we will attempt to de-mat one or two mats found on your dog. If your dog is mattted extensively, it will be shaved down. It's not our policy to cause stress to your dog by de-matting the entire coat.

If your dog does need to be shaved down completely due to severe matting, there may be additional charges as this is a time consuming and sensitive procedure.