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Sticks & Bones is a boutique style dog grooming salon that operates as a kennel free (no cage drying) environment.  Our dog in dog out services are structured for the well-being of all Sticks & Bones clients.

At Sticks & Bones we are committed to providing your dog with humane and ethical treatment while in our care. We practice safe grooming with an emphasis on monitoring the stress level of your dog at all times throughout the groom. The value of your dog’s health far outweighs the value of your dollar.

We recognize that grooming, although essential for health, is not a natural process for any dog. They would rather be out playing at the lake or rolling in something smelly instead of standing on a table with clippers and dryers close by. As professional groomers  we understand their anxiety towards the grooming process. To alleviate anxiety we will always provide breaks as needed or intermittent play time to de-stress the process.

Tails will be wagging not sagging!


Maintaining a regular grooming schedule is the key to a healthy happy dog.

STICKS & BONES groomers are trained to notify you of coat and skin issues:

• Your groomer will see rashes and lesions on the skin, hidden under the fur of your dog before they get infected.

• Tics and Fleas - yuck. We have flea treatments on hand and are trained to immediately remove tics from your dog if we find any- and we do!

• Nails - keeping your dogs nails at a healthy length will prevent the nail from pushing your dogs joints in the feet out of alignment.

• Ear health - gentle removal of hair in the ears (dead hair only) prevents ear mats and ear infections.

• Matting is kept under control preventing the inevitable "smoothie" on your dogs. PLEASE SEE OUR "MATTING" TAB ABOVE.